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The Breeding Farm

The Court has already declared 1566 Höferegister. From 1642 - 1661 he was not processed due to the 30-year war.

In the years 1700-1800 appears in the series several times, the name of the owner and boss to boss. Probably these were the ancestors of the present owner Reinhold Bosse. From 1846 to today is to trace that the court always had bosses in the family and this has always been busy with the horses.

This breeding farm was known but only by the father of Reinhold Bosse Jun., namely Sen. Reinhold Bosse, who was in our area as one of the most famous Hanoverian breeders. In 1989, Reinhold Bosse Jun. took over the breeding farm.



Bosse breeding Hanoverian horses for 20 years on his Sickte court, he has taken over from his father and enlarged.
Before he was 33 years of active dressage and show jumping. In 1956 he was master of Lower Saxony in show jumping. "My experience in my riding have benefited breeding. At least I know because many people," said Bosse. He also had always an eye for good horses.

This is demonstrated not least by an award, the bosses will be on Sunday in the Lüneburg Heath Medingen given for specific breeding success in 2007. He gets the award for winning the national championship in 2007 with high scores and winning the 70-day test in Celle Adelheitsdorf.

With his animals, he also achieved success on horse auctions in Verden, the market for the foals. "Unfortunately, the buyers are no longer on the court, and it will be completed no more business with a handshake and a drink," said Bosse. Today, almost everything would run over the Internet. "But at the business end looks after my wife Ulrike."

Even the horses were always in the center. "If a foal is born, everything else is hintenan - including the Family." 120 animals came in Sickte already born. 18 horses are currently on the farm. Work is Reinhold Bosse alone. Now and then proceed to hand him two pensioners.

"Ask me not now but when I want to stop," says the 69-year-old, "from it as fast anything. Shrinking is yes, but no stop."



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