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The Chief

Reinhold Bosse Lower-jumping champion in 1956, has taken over the successful breeding of his father, Sen. Reinhold Bosse, this enlarged and is the boss on the farm bosses.



The good soul
Ulrike Bosse
is responsible for the commercial sector of the cattle farm, and promotes in mares obstetrics. It is the good soul of the house.



The equestrian

Equestrian (raising and breeding), Bereiter (FN), A trainer works with young horses like to ride, mostly young horses and mares and foals presented to the foal shows and auctions.



For the Dressage
successfully placed in S-dressage. Sarah was the 2004 City Champion Grand Tour in Brunswick.



For nothing too fine
enjoys horseback riding in the woods and fields with her Trakehner mare Mona Lisa manages mares and foals during and after birth.



Is always there
takes care in his spare time mainly to our five dogs. Of course he's also help with necessary work in the stables and the horses.



Kai von Allwörden
Kai prepares the mares and foals for us before the shows or auctions. It is our reliable friend and helper in all areas of our court.


Around us

are Peggy, the Jack Russell dog, Kira, the Magyar Vizslar bitch, Ingrid, the cat and Charley, who confirmed as pony, who holds the mares in a good mood.



and Lilly and Leni, two cheeky Shorty Jack Russell are as newcomer to our family. we will certainly have a lot of fun with both.


Krümmel and Peppel, our little Jack Russell Shorty 's that are causing us much joy.
Overall, we now have five dogs and it really should be no more, because the dogs keep us more in the swing soon as all our horses.




Pferde Zuchthof · Ulrike & Reinhold Bosse · Tiefe Straße 2 · 38173 Sickte · Tel: +49 5305 / 41 64 94